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    Case No. 1255786 – Shoplyfter – Amilia Onyx

    Case No. 1255786 - Shoplyfter - Amilia Onyx December 6th 4:19pm – Case # 1255786 – Suspect was identified as LP officers stepkid. Suspect still had to go through routine checks and questioning. Due to their current home situation suspect was given...

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    Case No. 3599030 – Shoplyfter – Alyce Anderson

    Case No. 3599030 - Shoplyfter - Alyce Anderson November 29th 3:12pm – Case # 3599030 – Suspect known as the dash and grab was finally caught. LP officer was due for a big bonus on this apprehension. Suspects bag was emptied revealing a large amount...

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    Case No. 1128285 – Shoplyfter – Lilly Hall

    Case No. 1128285 - Shoplyfter - Lilly Hall November 22nd 3:12pm – Case # 1128285 – Black friday promotions left LP officers on high alert. Suspect was apprehended attempting to conceal three expensive tablets. LP officer spotted suspect from a mile...

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    Case No. 6998421 – Shoplyfter – Ariel Mcgwire

    November 15th 4:17pm – Case # 6998421 – Suspect and father of suspect were apprehended on suspicion of theft. Father negotiated with LP officer for a one time pardon pending daughter’s cooperation. Contingency was met and infraction was absolved. Evidence...

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    Case No. 4522845 – Shoplyfter – Daisy Stone

    November 1st 4:33pm – Case # 4522845 – Suspect granted LP officer permission to conduct a body search. Upon searching, store jewelry was recovered on the suspects person. Lp officer had been needing a perpetrator to make an example of. Suspect was offered...

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    Case No. 8859812 – Shoplyfter – Sarah Banks

    October 18th 6:17pm – Case # 8859812 – A customer reported to LP officer of their phone being swiped in the store. CCTV cameras reviewed and suspect was found and apprehended. Upon questioning, suspect admitted to being a habitual thief but not stealing...

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    Case No. 1121197 – Shoplyfter – Avery Stone

    October 25th 2:49pm – Case # 1121197 – Suspect was caught on camera stealing underwear. Suspect also attempted to escape from the LP office. Suspect offered to pay for the merchandise. This is usually unauthorized, but LP officer allowed for it this time....

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    Case No. 6262585 – Shoplyfter – Jessica Jones

    October 11th 3:05pm – Case # 6262585 – A customer reported to LP officer of their phone being swiped in the store. CCTV cameras reviewed and suspect was found and apprehended. Upon questioning, suspect admitted to being a habitual thief but not stealing...

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    Case No. 8757447 – Shoplyfter – Angel Del Rey

    October 4th 7:02pm – Case # 8757447 – Suspect was less than cooperative. Would not provide name, age, or any information at all about their self. LP officer continued with questioning, but was getting nowhere. Suspect began to strip and coerce the LP...

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    Case No. 5859779 – Shoplyfter – Victoria Vargaz

    September 27th 12:17pm – Case # 5859779 – Petty Theft – Suspect complied with LP officer and was allowed one phone call. Suspects mother came and met with LP officer. Mother of suspect was compelling and offered a meaningful accord for the issue, but...

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    Case No. 2115847 – Shoplyfter – Dakota Rain

    September 20th 9:56am – Case # 2115847 – Petty Theft – Suspect was cooperative with LP officer from initial interaction. LP officer was perplexed when stolen merchandise was recovered. Suspect had attempted to shoplift a cucumber. After explaining to...

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    Case No. 8589898 – Shoplyfter – Esperanza Del Horno

    September 6th 11:27am – Case # 8589898 – Petty Theft – Latina female suspect was apprehended and taken to backroom LP office. Suspect did not have identification available. Suspect was then strip searched. Multiple pairs of high end women’s lingerie was...

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    Case No. 2725568 – Shoplyfter – Kat Monroe

    August 30th 4:59pm – Case # 2725568 – Petty Theft – Suspect did not cooperate with LP officer. LP officer then explained a strip search would follow. In hopes of avoiding the search, suspect removed the merchandise from their person and admitted to being...

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    Case No. 7547217 – Shoplyfter – Fallon Love

    August 16th 6:22pm – Case # 7547217 – Grand Theft – Suspect thought being questioned by LP officer was all fun and games, until officer revealed store had hidden cameras. Officer by then was allowed lawfully to conduct a full body search. Jewelry in excess...

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    Case No. 9886958 – Shoplyfter – Luna Leve

    August 9th 1:02pm – Case # 9886958 – Petty Theft – Suspect refused search of backpack. LP officer found merchandise that could not be explained by suspect. Suspect was then strip searched to check for more merchandise. None was found. LP officer felt...

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    Case No. 3316892 – Shoplyfter – Veronica Vega

    August 2nd 6:19pm – Case # 3316892 – Theft – Suspect and boyfriend were escorted to the LP office after suspicion of theft. Suspect submitted to a full body search as boyfriend watched. Jewelery was found in suspects private area. Boyfriend was given...

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    Case No.6339162 – Shoplyfter – Skylar Snow

    July 19th 2:17pm – Case No. 6339162 – Theft – Suspect was caught on CCTV concealing merchandise. This location allowed for the suspect to have one phone call to contact someone who could either pay or vouch for them. Suspect called mother who was not...

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    Case No.90360059 – Shoplyfter – Jennifer Jacobs

    July 12th 11:41am – Case No. 0606211 – Theft – Suspect immediately admitted to theft of merchandise upon entering the LP office. Suspect offered to pay for the stolen merchandise, but the offer was declined. LP officer happened to be a close friend of...

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    Case No.8859861 – Shoplyfter – Audrey Royal

    July 5th 2:37pm – Case No. 8859861 – Suspicious Activity/Theft – Suspect caused suspicion immediately upon arrival to store due to religious clothing. LP officer immediately observed suspect. Under surveillance, suspect was then caught hiding merchandise...

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    Case No.7867892 – Shoplyfter – Lexi Lovell

    June 28th 12:09pm – Case No. 7867892 – GrandTheft/Fraud – Suspect has been watched for months now making false purchases with a stolen credit card. LP officers finally had concrete evidence to make an arrest, and detained suspect during final purchase....

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